A CLOSER LOOK AT THE CONCEPT OF GOVERNMENT: “PARASITE: A creature which obtains food and physical protection from a host which never benefits from its presence.” (Chambers English Dictionary)

WARNING: Paedophiles in Power

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Our comment:

When wondering of the wretched state of this country, people would do well to think of those in charge –and more specifically how they got in office (or “power” as they like to say).

In lamenting the decline and ensuing financial and social collapse of Britain, those who have voted for the Lib-Lab-Con tri-partite hydra need only look in the mirror for someone to blame. For it is they –by consistently voting for this political monstrosity– who have thereby given, at the ballot box, their unbridled permission for the continuation of the well-documented corruption, crimes, degeneracy, war crimes, state crimes, bank bailouts, and of course the present “austerity” measures (neo-feudal theft from the People).

If you want security and a better life, a brighter future for your children, then withhold your vote from the one-party machine that represents not the People –those gullible enough to vote for it– but the international “elite” and financiers. The proof is in the pudding –why else would the government steal from the People to bail out the banks? Because the banks are in control of government and the politicians have become suborned to the filthy lucre of the banks’ large pay cheques they give to their puppet politicians.

We DO NOT live a democracy. We exist in a plutocratic and cryptocratic one-party dictatorship that is heading a police state.

Wake up.