(2009) New Labour -MONEY LAUNDERING

The first entry of the New Year goes to (who else, of course) New Labour…
The Labour Party is well known for providing a host of services for rewarding those who “donate” to their Party. Honours, Titles, Jobs and backhanders are just some of the “services” this prostitute of an organisation provides to keep its rotten self alive.
However taking money that was donated by well wishers to a charity and also funds paid by taxpayers to assist disadvantaged children reveals just how uncaring and corrupt the Labour Party of today is.
In a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” deal with the children’s charity, the Catz Club, which runs after school clubs for disadvantaged children of usually ethnic origins, their shady dealings and method of operation have been revealed for all to see.
The Charity received a “loan” of £1.3 million pounds of taxpayers money from Futurebuilders and £200,000 from the National Lottery (Tax) of which at least £30,000 was swiftly channeled to the Labour Party in a way that certainly seems illegal to me.
Shortly afterwards, showing the one hand washing the other, £842,000 of the “loan” made by Furturebuilders was written off.

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