New Labour’s Peter Hain M.P.

Former Cabinet minister Peter Hain was guilty of “serious and substantial” failings in not registering more than £100,000 of donations to his Labour deputy leadership campaign, according to Westminster’s sleaze watchdog. history:

1) The Guardian newspaper, on 10 January 2008, noted that Hain was being accused of not reporting £100,000 in contributions. It later emerged that a large part of these funds were channeled through a non-operating think tank, the Progressive Policies Forum.

2) On 24 January 2008, he resigned from several posts including his position as Work and Pensions secretary, after the Electoral Commission referred the failure to report donations to Metropolitan Police.

3) Peter Hain’s campaign failed to declare £103,156 of donations, contrary to electoral law. As the police investigation continued, further dubious financial practices surfaced including employing his 80-year-old mother on a Commons salary of £5,400 a year

4) In 1976 Hain was tried for, and acquitted of, a 1974 bank robbery, allegedly having been framed by South African intelligence agents. Two schoolboys positively identified him. Despite modern DNA techniques and mass fingerprinting now being available no further investigation of this unsolved case is known to have taken place.

5) In 1972 Peter Hain was found guilty of criminal conspiracy and fined £200.



One thought on “New Labour’s Peter Hain M.P.

  1. In the early 80s Peter Hain sued the NF leader Martin Webster for defamation. It concerned a publication called ‘Lifting the Lid off the Anti Nazi League’. I attended the hearing. I recall that Hain objected to reference to an allegation of involvement in a bank robbery. Fair enough as the case against him was dismissed. He also pointed out that he had read a speech at the grave of the terrorist John Harris on behalf of his Father (as he was banned by the SA government from speaking at public events). Again a fair point. He did not, however, as I recall, deny writing material (when he was a Young Liberal) advocating tampering with the brakes of heavy lorries. Nor did he, as I recall, deny urging people to spread tacks on Rugby fields as part of his campaign to stop the SA tour. Much was made of his involvement in organising ANL demos in close proximity to NF events and the use of language like “Smash” and “Stop”. Hain wasn’t a democrat then and he isn’t one now. It is a disgrace that someone like him is a Minister in the government of our country. Oh, and by the way a British jury valued his reputation at the princely sum of £5.


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