(2009) Conservative Cllr. Alan Winkworth

A mayor has stood down after a series of claims that he turned up drunk to civic events – and even had to be carried out of a council meeting. 
Residents’ Association councillor Alan Winkworth, mayor of Epsom and Ewell, announced he was standing down for a month after two formal complaints were made of his being drunk in public office.
Onlookers called his behaviour ’embarrassing’. 
He was said to have turned up drunk to a full council meeting and an official party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Playhouse theatre in Epsom last Friday – when his speeech was said by guests to be ‘incoherent’.

2 thoughts on “(2009) Conservative Cllr. Alan Winkworth

  1. The title of this post is incorrect. Alan Winkworth was not a Conservative Councillor. As the content of the post suggests he was a Residents’ Association councillor, a local political party which runs the council in Epsom & Ewell.


  2. Perhaps our MPs should do the country a favour and turn up drunk to the House of Commons more often. They would do less damamge if they were too pissed to vote.


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