(2009) Conservative M.P. Alan Hazelhurst -FILTHY PARASITE

Sir Alan Haselhurst, the Commons Deputy Speaker since 1997, has claimed £142,119 on his country home over the last seven years, despite having no mortgage.
The Saffron Walden MP charged the taxpayer almost £12,000 in five years for gardening bills at the Essex farmhouse.
According to the MP, he claimed £2,988 for gardening at the country mansion in 2007-08. 
Sir Alan claimed exactly £249 every month, just £1 below the limit for which receipts must be submitted.
That means the 71-year-old did not have to include invoices for the work. 
IN the four years until, the Deputy Speaker billed the taxpayer £11,771 for gardening at the house. 
According to the Telegraph, he charged £202 for shingle for his driveway, £638.91 for patio repairs, £2,199.60 for a replacement oil tank and £193 for having his chimney swept. 
Sir Alan also claimed for food at what is listed as his main family home. He also charges £2,677 in council tax for the property. 
Sir Alan said: ‘When I became Deputy Speaker in 1997 I was instructed by the fees office that I was now considered to be a quasi-minister based in London and so I had to claim my ACA on my constituency home, which is my family home.

2 thoughts on “(2009) Conservative M.P. Alan Hazelhurst -FILTHY PARASITE

  1. This faceless wonder of Saffron Walden has to go. He is well past his sell by date and needs to be covered up with manure in his English Country garden!!!


  2. It must be fiction, so mamy honest TORIES voted for him throughout the past years.
    After all ( ) arent fools?


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