(2009) Conservative M.P. Michael Spicer -GREEDY PARASITE

Sir Michael Spicer, the Conservatives’ most senior backbench MP, claimed £5,650 in nine months for his gardening bills – and maintaining a ‘helipad’.
The Conservative grandee submitted a detailed invoice in December 2006 which included ‘hedge cutting … helipad’, although he claimed last night that the latter element was a ‘family joke’. 
Sir Michael, 66, also successfully claimed for the costs of hanging a chandelier in his main manor house.
According to figures published by the Daily Telegraph, Sir Michael claimed £620 for the light fitting installation.
He also billed the taxpayer for £1,000 spent servicing an oven. 
The MP for West Worcestershire also put in claims for council tax on hiscountry home and the next door cottage. 
The total bill was almost £4,000. He has claimed a total of £106,141 on his main  constituency home, even though there is no mortgage on the property. 
The bills include £300 a month for a cleaner and a gardener who received £8 per hour for up to 55 hours a month. 
Another receipt for £609 included time spent cutting the hedge around the so-called ‘helipad’.

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