(2009) Respect Party M.P. George Galloway -PARASITE

George Galloway, the controversial left-wing MP thrown out of the Labour Party, tried to charge the taxpayer for the cost of Christmas cards sent from his constituency office.
The Respect MP for the east London constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow – where many of his constituents are Muslim – submitted a claim for £32 on his Incidental Expenses Provision for the festive greetings cards.
However, the claim was rejected by the Parliamentary fees office, who informed the MP it was against the rules.
In a letter to Mr Galloway a member of the fees office stated: “The Department of Resources disallows costs relating to Christmas cards as they do not fall within the remit of this allowance.”
On Saturday night, Mr Galloway said the claim was a “simple error” by a new member of staff.
As an MP for an inner-London constituency Mr Galloway is not eligible to claim a second home allowance. He did however receive a £1,978 supplement for MPs from the capital last year.
The previous year he received the maximum £2,712 London allowance.
An analysis carried out earlier this year by The Sunday Telegraph found that Mr Galloway, who was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003 for accusing Tony Blair and President George Bush of acting “like wolves” in Iraq, represents the least value for money for his constituents of any MP.

2 thoughts on “(2009) Respect Party M.P. George Galloway -PARASITE

  1. Oh, sure he is clean as he looks, just because he was caught, then it easy to blame new staff member. Ha,Ha,Ha !!! I wonder if he is claiming for his travel to Palestine? he is more worried about Palestinians than people here. OH, ya, wasn’t his wife from Palestine whom he has divorced , so she can stay in UK now.? He would be the first prime minister of Islamic Englisthan when the time comes.


  2. This is a ridiculous post Galloway was one of the only MPs who did not claim as he said a new member of staff put the claim in As i know he did not even claim for what he could claim for including travel allowance in my books he came out unscathed from the whole expenses debacle


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