(2007) New Labour Former Mayor Lawrence Bailey

CRIME 1: A former leader of Swansea Council has been banned from becoming a councillor for two-and-a-half years after indecent images were found on his computers.
Lawrence Bailey, 52, was found to have breached codes of conduct by the Adjudication Panel for Wales.
It also found he had broken rules by writing to a local newspaper using false names.
At least 70,000 “graphic” images were found on one computer.


CRIME 2: But the panel also found it contained 253 documents, mostly letters to the Swansea Evening Post.

“Although the police examination showed Mr Bailey as being the author, the documents purported to have originated from various residents of Swansea,” stated the report.

“In some cases the addresses did not exist or the postcodes did not match them, or the true residents had no knowledge of the letters.”
“Widespread practice”

In his own submission to the panel, Mr Bailey claimed that writing letters to the press under pseudonyms “was widespread practice in political life in Wales”.


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