(2007) Respect Election Cadidate Sajid Mehmood -FALSE DECLARATION

A HALIFAX election candidate who failed to declare his criminal record has appeared in court.
Sajid Mehmood, 36, of Saxon Street, off Hanson Lane, Halifax, admitted making a false statement on nomination papers.
He stood for the Respect Party in Park ward, Halifax, in council elections in May.
Sentencing was adjou-rned at Bradford Crown Court until November 23.
Under the Represen-tation of the People Act, anyone given a prison sentence of three months or more, even if it is suspended, is disqualified from standing for election for five years.
In 2003, Mehmood was sentenced to three months in jail for possession of heroin and cocaine.
He was also convicted of driving offences and received four months in prison in 2004 and another 16 weeks in 2005.
In August, the High Court refused to order a re-run of the election in Park ward after former Conservative councillor Mohammed Chaudhary Saghir petitioned the court for the result to be declared void.

3 thoughts on “(2007) Respect Election Cadidate Sajid Mehmood -FALSE DECLARATION

  1. This picture is an offence please remove the FASLE infomation LET him rip you basterds rott in hell


  2. We need people Sajid Mahmood in the Govt, as we are heading to wards Islamic state. Only crooks can run this country.


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