Army Victims, M.P. Aggressors: a Shocking Comparison

ABOVE: This lot are the victims of Government/”Opposition” political adventures.

These victims are chronically underfunded by those who force them into unnecessary wars.

The lives of these victims are daily jeopardised by not-fit-for-purpose equipment, arms, and transport -some of the latter not being bomb-proof.

These victims have to buy their own clothing, live in inadequate housing. They have to pay to watch television in public rather than military hospitals where they are constantly abused by supporters of those the army are fighting.

These victims are paid between £16, 681 and £45, 836

These victims have to live on a shocking diet similar to that of World War Two rationing (see below).

LEFT: the pathetic and inadequate ration pack that soldiers are supplied with.



ABOVE: These aggressors conduct the political adventures in which the victims are forced to fight.

These aggressors are chronically overpaid in comparison to those they force into unnecessary wars.

The lives of these aggressors are daily the Life of Riley. They have all the latest equipment they need, and the transportation of key figures is bullet-proof and bomb-proof.

These aggressors get the taxpayer to buy their clothing. They live in palatial housing, and they don’t have to pay to watch television in private hospitals where they are constantly pampered by those the taxpayer has paid for. They have no worries about being abused whilst in hospital by those they have declared “war” on.

These aggressors are paid between £64,000 £197, 689

These aggressors live on a diet fit for a king (see below).

LEFT: The diet of kings: this is what M.P.s live on, safe in Westminster and out of harm’s way of Taliban forces in hellish desert conditions.


Is the British Army fighting the wrong enemy?


9 thoughts on “Army Victims, M.P. Aggressors: a Shocking Comparison

  1. Not wishing to defend Nulabour and its disgraceful record on the forces and their lack of equipment I have to say the field ration packs look pretty good. They are far more varied than when was in and whenever I brought leftovers home my wife remarked that the quality was better than most civilian prepacked foods. Fine dining it is not – they are designed to be simple to prepare and provide x thousand calories a day.


  2. When did Labour ever support its armed forces? I’m a democrat, but this is one time I would support an uprising agaist this foul, degenerate, vicious, corrupt, and unethical government.


  3. According to Retired Naval Commander Brian Gerrish, our forces are there in part so they can be demoralised, maimed and culled readdy for the EU to take over the country,
    I agree with him, who is supplying these Taliban with technical details required to construct IED capable of puncturing holes in advanced western armoured vehicles.

    Anyway, here is Gerrish in the Insideous Communist destruction and takeover of Britain.

    Gerrish state of the nation Parts 1 – 6

    My own version on the same theme


  4. I really believe that this government DARE not withdraw our Forces from Afghanistan without America’s permission. That would damage the “special relationship.”

    It is that “special relationship” which has landed us in this mess. The only thing special about our relationship with the US is that they demand and we jump. However, if we want anything from them, we have to beg for it. Even then they are unlikely to grant our wish. Even treaties etc seem out of balance with all the benefits on the side of the US.

    Why do we let them treat us like pet poodles? It is time we asserted our own Country’s interests and got out of that hellhole where we have no business, are losing good people and are doing no good.


  5. That really puts Duncan’s crass complaints into context.

    I would really love to know what planet these greedy MPs are living on. It is certainly a different world to that which I and my family inhabit.

    The Armed Forces Minister (Ainsworth) has the brass neck to say the soldiers are not getting the support they need from the British public. The Armed Forces DO have OUR support. They do not, however, have the support of over promoted Ainsworth or any of this rubbish government. They do all they can to stop spending too much on our Armed Forces when our Armed Forces should have the best. This Government does NOT have my support but that does not equate to non-support for the soldiers. I have members of my family out there fighting so that remark by Ainsworth is a montrous insult.


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