“…men and women fighting for their country are being let down by the Government.”

My daddy, another hero: Grief, sorrow… and then anger as more families mourn soldiers killed in Afghanistan

The grieving families of the latest British servicemen to be killed in Afghanistan spoke yesterday of their pride in their loved ones and their immense sadness at their loss.

But amid the sorrow there was also anger from some at the way the men and women fighting for their country are being let down by the Government.

Nowhere was the human cost of the war demonstrated more clearly than in Wootton Bassett where young Alex Hale, dressed all in pink, watched the coffin of her father pass through the Wiltshire town…

Grief: The daughters of Captain Mark Hale, Tori (top centre) and Alex (bottom centre) are comforted by friends and family

Not to worry, ministers: these broken and traumatised families are not YOUR families, are they?

As such, you will carry on with your BUTCHERING, won’t you? (We’d hate to think you have a conscience.)

And while our victimised troops fight in the political adventures orchestrated by the U.S./Israel and traitorous “British” M.P.s, here is the response from those whom these M.P.s -these ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE AND SOLDIERS- have welcomed to our shores:


3 thoughts on ““…men and women fighting for their country are being let down by the Government.”

  1. Thanks, Beorwulf.

    Please assist in furthering the cause of defending the People and our servicemen by spreading the word.

    Thanks, aagin.


    • These are my favorite. Ever. Until your next amnzaeess appears, at least. I’m soooo sick of jumping photos. Because they’re all the same. And boring. But yours? Amazing! Actually real. Unique. Art. Just like everything you create with thtat wicked crazy good eye of yours. If I had to pick a favorite it’d be a tie between . Them peeking through the flowers, and them lying down and kissing. Oh, and the leap. LOVE the leap. I’ll stop gushing now ..


  2. Found you via Guido’s blog – thanks for a very interesting and informative site. I do hope lots of people read it!
    Good luck!
    (Ex RAF Regiment veteran).


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