(2009). New Labour Cllr. Noel O’Brien -RACIST VIOLENCE

A FORMER Labour councillor is facing jail for assaulting a young woman traffic warden.

Noel O’Brien shoved Joanne Subocz and threw her hat on the road after she caught him parking illegally in Manchester city centre.

O’Brien, 58, shouted a torrent of racist abuse at Polish-born Miss Subocz , telling her ‘go back to your own country, we don’t want you here’.

Miss Subocz said the incident left her shocked and for weeks she was afraid to go back on the streets.

District judge Paul Richardson, sitting at Manchester magistrates’ court, convicted O’Brien of racially aggravated assault and bailed him for reports.

He told O’Brien: “This was an unpleasant piece of behaviour on a woman from another country doing her public duty. She was assaulted and bullied in a nasty fashion.

“If I don’t get a favourable report on you I will have no option but to impose a custodial sentence.”

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