Government has sold its soul to the devil over SAS deal with Libya

If the latest information to surface about our Government supplying SAS soldiers to Libya is to be believed then our leaders have truly sold their souls to the devil.

Lest we forget in the 1970s the main source of IRA arms was Libya and in the 1980s, the IRA obtained even larger quantities of weapons and explosives from Gaddafi’s Libya. In addition there is strong evidence that IRA bombers and gunmen received training from Libya.

Therefore if British soldiers were sent to train Gaddafi’s people then it must have been with heavy hearts. The SAS has a history of fighting terrorism that goes all the way back to Malaya in the 1950s. Their collective memory of campaigns fought and won includes Borneo, Aden, Dohfar, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and of course Afghanistan.

One only has to go to a Regimental reunion to meet men who fought in campaigns all the way back to WWII. Although they are cynical about politics in general they are proud of the fact that they fought for what they believed was right. They remember their lost friends. They remember their names and where they died and who killed them. They remember who supplied the money and the bombs. They remember who was responsible for the IRA bombs in Aldershot, Birmingham, Guildford, Warrington, Warren Point, Hyde park, Knightsbridge to name but a few on a very long list. Of course none of us will forget Lockerbie!

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Is this “government” now officially one that supports terrorism? One would rightly think so after reading this -not forgetting, of course, David Miliband’s admission that he supports terrorism.


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