New parliamentary watchdog offers six-figure salaries

The executives being hired to run the new anti-sleaze body set up in the wake of the MPs expenses scandal will be among the best paid in the public sector, documents leaked to the Daily Telegraph have disclosed.

The chief executive of the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) will be offered a salary of up to £160,000 and the chairman will earn up to £120,000. The executives will also be allowed to claim expenses.

IPSA was rapidly established in July by Gordon Brown in the wake of the expenses scandal. The new authority will scrutinise MPs expense claims and ensure that politicians abide by Parliament’s code of conduct.

However, there are likely to be questions over the qualities being sought in the executives being recruited to police Parliament. Head-hunters are told to identify people who will be “politically sensitive” and show “fairness” when dealing with complaints. At least one of the senior positions at the new authority will be filled by a former MP.

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Jobs for the boys and insider dealing for the end goal of consistent whitewash. Look no further than here for glimpse of the IPSA’s “independent” predecessor.


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