Quarter of people mistakenly believe government will pay for care in old age


One in four people mistakenly believes the Government will pay for all of their care in old age, according to a Department of Health survey.

In addition, half of those questioned underestimated the true cost of moving into a care home in their twilight years by as much as £20,000.

The figures have been disclosed as ministers try to raise awareness of radical reforms to the “creaking” system of social care for elderly and disabled people in England.

The reforms, announced in July, could include compulsory charges to cover the cost of nursing home care or home help and establish a “National Care Service”.

However, fears have been raised that middle-class pensioners with savings could be forced to pay over the odds for care services under the system after Andy Burnham, health secretary, said the poor will pay less.

Then for what, may we ask, is the general public paying its stamps (National Insurance)? The Government “cannot” cater for the old and needy but it can more than accommodate and lavish “asylum seekers”.



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