MPs’ expenses: Soldier tells of his disgust at greed

A serving soldier who worked in the room where MPs’ expenses were censored has described his “disappointment and disgust” when he discovered the extravagant claims made by politicians.

Speaking for the first time, the Iraq veteran said he felt let down by the “cavalier attitude” of MPs in buying “frivolous” items at taxpayers’ expense, when he and other servicemen had to work in annual leave to buy life-saving kit such as body armour.

His experience is described in No Expenses Spared, a book published on Friday which tells the inside story of The Daily Telegraph’s investigation into MPs’ expenses.

On Friday, the Telegraph disclosed that the mole who leaked the expenses files did so out of anger at the Government’s failure to provide adequate equipment for troops in Afghanistan.

The mole was processing MPs’ files in a room at the Stationery Office which was protected by serving soldiers working as private security guards.

It prompted a furious Ministry of Defence to pour scorn on the suggestion that soldiers were moonlighting to buy equipment. Officials said service personnel would not be allowed to wear non-standard kit.

However, one of the soldiers who worked in the “redaction room” has agreed to speak out.

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