What Further Evidence does the British Army Need to Realise its REAL Enemies?

Timeline shows MPs’ actions on expenses and inaction on troop equipment.

March 1 2003 War in Iraq starts.

March 2003 Tony Blair claims £6,500 for a new kitchen at his constituency home in Trimdon Colliery, Co Durham.

Sept 2 2004 Cpl Marc Taylor, 27, and Gunner David Lawrence, 25, killed in an ambush on a Snatch Land Rover.

Sept 2004 Hazel Blears checks into a boutique hotel while moving between two flats, both refurbished at taxpayers expense.

Jan 3 2005 RAF Hercules shot down over Iraq with nine RAF servicemen and a soldier on board. An inquest ruled that the men died because of “serious systemic failure”.

Sept 4 2005 David Miliband claims £9,015 for a John Lewis kitchen.

Sept 2005 Maj Matthew Bacon killed by a bomb while travelling in a lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover. He should have been travelling in a helicopter, but it had developed a fault.

Feb 5 2006 Shahid Malik’s £33 claim for two Remembrance Sunday wreaths is rejected.

Feb 2006 Pte Lee Ellis, 23, and Capt Richard Holmes, 28 killed by a roadside bomb in Amara, southern Iraq

Aug 6 2006 Bob Ainsworth, Secretary of State for Defence, claims £2,225 for a “Roma” corner sofa.

Aug 2006 – L/Cpl Sean Tansey, 26, is crushed to death while servicing a 12-ton Spartan armoured vehicle in Afghanistan, when its supports collapsed. Two wooden planks under the vehicle would have saved his life.

March 7 2007 Sir Peter Viggers writes to the fees office, submitting a claim of £18,522.59 including £1,645 for a “duck house”.

March 2007 Lance Bombardiers Liam McLaughlin and Ross Clark killed by a grenade. They were wearing the wrong sort of body armour.

June 2006 Labour MP Gerald Kaufman tries to claim £8,865 for a Bang & Olufsen television.

Aug 2007 L/Cpl Kirk Redpath dies in a Snatch Land Rover near Basra in Iraq. His father, Colin Redpath said: “The soldiers were angry they hadn’t been given a Mastiff. It was an open invitation to be blown up. Kirk must have been terrified.”

April 10 2008 Margaret Moran claims £22,500 to repair dry rot at her partner’s house in Southampton.

April 2008 Trooper Robert Pearson, 22, of the Queen’s Royal Lancers killed when his armoured Viking vehicle drove over a roadside bomb.

June 2008 – Cpl Sarah Bryant, Cpl Sean Robert Reeve, L/Cpl Richard Larkin and Paul Stout from the SAS all killed in a Snatch Land Rover, trying to retrieve the body of Taliban fighter in Helmand, Afghanistan

May 7 2009 The Telegraph begins publishing a series of stories on expenses.

May 22 2009 Nadine Dorries says the publication of the expenses by The Telegraph is traumatic for MPs. “The last day in Parliament this week was, I would say, completely unbearable,” said Mrs Dorries. “This has got to a point now which is almost unbearable for any human being to deal with.”

May 22 2009 Fusilier Suesue Petero, of the 2nd Bn Fusiliers shot while on foot patrol in Helmand.


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