MPs’ expenses claims and what military equipment they could have bought (FAO BRITISH ARMY)

What MPs spent on their second homes – and what it could have bought the Armed Forces.

£11,510,792 – total cost of second homes allowance claimed by MPs in 2007-08. Would pay for 38 Ridgeback armoured vehicles, costing £300,000 each

£25,411 – cost of private security patrols outside Soho home of Barbara Follett. Could have been spent on 13 pairs of ITTT night vision goggles at £1,900 each

£22,500 – dry rot treatment Margaret Moran claimed for home 100 miles from constituency. Would have bought 10 underslung grenade launchers worth £2,160 each

£9,000 – installation of Ikea kitchen at Gordon Brown’s Westminster flat. The same price as nine sets of £1,000 Osprey full body armour

£8,865 – price of 40in Bang & Olufsen television claimed for by Sir Gerald Kaufman. Could have been spent on four SA80 A2 rifles at £1,800 each

£2,225 – amount claimed on a ‘corner group’ sofa by Bob Ainsworth. Would have bought 14 Hawke long-range binoculars, which cost £150 a pair

£2,115 – amount claimed by Douglas Hogg to clear the moat at his country home. More than the cost of a single £1,790 MINIMI machine gun.

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