Is Sir Richard Dannat et al the Conservative Party’s New Stooge?

In an open letter condemning the use of military imagery for political ends, Lord Guthrie, Major General Patrick Cordingley, Sir Richard Dannat, and Sir Mike Jackson have all suddenly found a voice of condemnation.

One must begin to wonder where this voice was in condemnation of the “sexed-up dossier” that lead to the illegal “war” in Iraq.

One must also question why not one of these fine figures criticised or, indeed, said anything about the expenses scandal of 2009 –a scandal that saw MPs of all major parties bleeding the taxpayer dry while sending our troops, ill-equipped and chronically underfunded, out on political adventures.

Surely one would have thought that Sir Richard Dannat would have took to task the government for their deliberate underfunding of our troops –underfunding that lead to the British Army having to buy their own kit like they might be some rag-tag mercenary outfit.

We have still yet to hear even a murmur of condemnation from the British Army hierarchy for the appalling situation where, in Selly Oak military hospital, our troops lie wounded and in some cases limb-less watching television that they are forced to pay for. Where now is our senior officers’ denunciation of government for the immorality of charging injured soldiers to watch television while at the same time allowing murders, paedophiles and rapists to watch television for free in Her Majesty’s prisons?

Sir Richard Dannat, often and frequently celebrated on the website, has crossed a point of no return. He has joined a party that is headed by David Cameron –a man who is openly a signatory and supporter of a thuggish Communist front-group going by the name of Unite Against Fascism [sic].

Sir Richard now finds himself hob-nobbing in Pall Mall and Mayfair with the Conservative faithful in a party that has/had members, councillors, M.P.s, and M.E.P.s some of whom are guilty of crimes such as rape, paedophillia, violence, theft, fraud, tax evasion, vote-rigging…

How does Sir Richard Dannat reconcile his illustrious military past with a corrupt and criminal Conservative party that will determine his future? A sorry end to a formidable career.


One thought on “Is Sir Richard Dannat et al the Conservative Party’s New Stooge?

  1. Dannat has now lost my respect. He might like to be reminded of these facts

    “Members of the regular Army can belong to any political party, including the British National Party, and may attend political meetings so long as uniform is not worn, service duties are not impeded and their actions do not bring the service into disrepute.” (paragraph 4)

    “At the time, official army documents said that the nation must maintain ‘Armed Forces which are predominantly British and whose members reflect and share the culture and values of British society’.


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