(Our Short Analysis) John Bercow Leads the Troughers of the Future in Adulation of Corruption

The Speaker is traditionally expected to remain impartial while chairing sittings of the House and he acknowledged this in his impromptu comments.

But he insisted: “I’m under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to be impartial as between the forces of democracy on the one hand and the forces of evil on the other.”

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Mr. Bercow refers to “democracy”. Let’s take a look at the “democracy”, the Westminster “democracy”, to which he is surely referring:

War Crimes in Iraq Headed by Blair and Supported by the Old-gang Establishment


Corruption of British Politics

Wide-spread vote rigging in “democratic” Britain

Councillors guilty of postal votes fraud that would ‘shame a banana republic’

MPs’ Expenses Scandal 2009

New Labour’s Gerrymandering

Very “democratic”, wouldn’t you say?

Could the “forces of evil” he speaks of be a party and ideology he, and other pigs in the trough, find threatening to their position? After all, do criminals not move to attack those who threaten to encroach on their ‘manor’ and jeopardise their criminal activity?

In the years 2007-8, 2006-7, 2004-5 and 2002-3 he held joint first position in a league table of highest-claiming members of the House of Commons, while in 2003-4 he was the joint third. He also changed the designation of his second home on more than one occasion – meaning that he avoided paying capital gains tax on the sale of two properties.

No wonder Mr. Bercow and all the others in porcine Westminster speak out against those who threaten the corrupt status quo. Mr. Bercow is just one of many pigs at the trough who is trying to cover his back and guard his spoils. His opinion on the “forces of evil” is therefore questionable at best and irrelevant at worse.

Be they Socialists, Nationalists, independents, or the Monster Raving Loony Party –all would come in for attack by the corrupt and decadent in power should the threat these parties bring become a significant representation of the innocent, hard-working, and tax-paying electorate who rightly want an end to Westminster corruption.

With that in mind, the System regards it best to get in early at the young politically-minded (those of whom are not really affected by the expenses scandal of 2009 and the political corruption in general) to mold them and perpetuate the decadent status quo, to a reinforce the reproduction of the System.

Take a look at John Bercow


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