Misandrous Harriet Harman: Kelly expenses report may be watered down

harriet-harperson pigs[1]

“It’s Myrah Hindley undercover, your very own sweet anti-mother.”

Proposed reforms to MPs’ system of expenses will probably be watered down before they are implemented, Harriet Harman has reassured MPs.

Sir Christopher Kelly’s report, which is expected to recommend draconian curbs on allowances and a ban on employing relatives, will be one submission of several to the new independent parliamentary standards watchdog.

Asked whether the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) could reject Sir Christopher’s proposals, Ms Harman, the Leader of the Commons, said: “It is entirely a matter for them, but they will, I’m sure, want to draw on his important work. It is a matter for them to decide, not for Sir Christopher Kelly.”

Ms Harman also put pressure on Ipsa not to force MPs to sack their husbands or wives, another recommendation widely expected to form part of the report. Ms Harman said that if the new independent expenses watchdog adopted the recommendation it would not be fair for anyone to be dismissed.

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