(2009) New Labour Barry Gardiner MP – Disgraced aide called for the shooting of Zionists.

Gosh bearded Barry is at it again, over at Tory Bear’s place is the story about Barry’s aide.

You read it here first, but Barry Gardiner’s local paper – the Wembley & Kingsbury Times have picked up on the outrageous behaviour of his newly appointed staff member Joseph “Seph” Brown who caused outrage when he advocated the shooting of Zionists.

Particuarly damning are the quotes from people within Gardiner’s constituency and beyond:

“The appointment drew huge criticism from Jewish groups who immediately called for Mr Gardiner,who is a former chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, to sack him. Ken Sinclair, who is Jewish and chairman of Northwick Park Residents’ Association, said:

“Shooting Zionists, which reflects on all Jewish people, is disgusting and what respect I had for Barry Gardiner has gone. People should think very carefully when they utter words like these as at the moment with the BNP we do have a common enemy and we need to make an effort not to throw racist comments at each other.”


Keith Fraser, spokesman for Zionists Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, said: “I think it is pretty sad to have someone like him (Mr Brown) assisting one of our elected leaders. It is disgusting. I think by the time the next election comes around a lot of people will have forgotten but it should lose him (Mr Gardiner)votes from anyone with a modicum of reasonableness. “Anyone who wants to see an end to extremism and racism should not vote for him and it does not matter if you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or anything else.””
Taken from here

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