PIG “Baroness” Scotland ‘never considered resigning over illegally employed housekeeper’

Baroness Scotland never considered resigning as Attorney General amid the row over her illegally employed Tongan housekeeper, she disclosed during an appearance on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

Lady Scotland was fined £5,000 for failing to keep photocopies of documents she claims she was shown by Loloahi Tapui, who was charged with fraud and immigration offences.

In her first major broadcast interview since the affair came to light, Lady Scotland told interviewer Kirsty Young she was “very, very sorry” for the distress she caused to her family and accepted she had breached the rules.

But asked if she ever thought about “jacking it in” as political opponents called for her resignation, she responded simply: “No.”

Lady Scotland said: “It was a very difficult time and I clearly accepted that I should have taken a photocopy of the passport. I didn’t.

“That was wrong. I was fined. I accepted it. The thing I was really worried about was the impact it had on my family.

“My family have been amazing and I am very grateful to them and I am very, very sorry that an oversight on my part, a genuine mistake, has caused them a great deal of distress.

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This parasite, this criminal, need not have contemplated resignation. Evidence shows that those within governance in this country are above the law. They have different rules to those forced upon the People. She was fined £5,000 for employing an illegal immigrant -while any member of the public can expect a £10,000 fine. One rule for one, another rule for the others.

The British Army would be well within its right to seize the power of these criminals -just as it is fighting against “terrorists” in the Middle East. It seems the REAL terrorists are in Britain, terrorising the People.


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