Is Tony Blair a war criminal?

Tony Blair’s place in history will forever be coloured by the war in Iraq.

The Iraq war and its aftermath have seen the most contentious decisions taken by any British Government since 1945. Tony Blair stands accused of leading the country into war on a false prospectus, subordinating British interests to George W Bush and showing gross negligence in failing to plan for postwar Iraq.

The only other event that comes close to earning a prime minister such ignominy is the Suez Crisis of 1956, when Anthony Eden lied to the House of Commons. In that short-lived conflict, 21 British servicemen were killed. By contrast, 179 British soldiers died in Iraq, and untold numbers of Iraqi civilians lost their lives as a result of the hostilities and the instability that followed.

Blair’s place in history will forever be coloured by the war. The Channel 4 drama, The Trial of Tony Blair, struck many as far-fetched when first aired in early 2007. Now a full public inquiry, so long in the offing, is upon us. Technically, Blair will not be on trial, but he will be forced to defend his actions in the full glare of the public arena.

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One thought on “Is Tony Blair a war criminal?

  1. I think Idiot would like all of us mentally ill reoiuilgs people to just go and live behind our chintz curtains and only come out of the house to buy milk and eggs, and then only at night so that we don’t spook the horses.But really what did the man actually say – “Explaining how he managed to live with the decision to go to war in Iraq, Mr Blair replied: “If you have faith about these things then you realise that judgement is made by other people. If you believe in God,it’s made by God as well.”What does that specifically mean? The question was not about going to war, but how he _lived_ with that decision. Of course a Christian is going to assume that God will judge him, that’s pretty much a tenant of the religion. But really, all he is saying is that other people will judge him, which seems trite, but true.I really don’t get all the hoohaa.


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