cpexposed.com subject to takedown notice -COMMON PURPOSE LINKS WITH PAEDOPHILIA

[The following is taken from http://www.cpexposed.com/ ]

“Please spread the word as fast as possible:

cpexposed.com has been taken down by the web hosting company, Hostgator, as the result of a complaint by Common Purpose alleging copyright infringement.

The notice from Common Purpose can be downloaded from here: http://dmca.hgfix.net/cpexposed.com/cpexposed.com.pdf

We are puzzled since all the documentation is in the public domain, and has been for some considerable time.

Maybe this has happened because we recently posted information from Common Purpose’s own website showing the links between the Scottish paedophile James Rennie and the Common Purpose organisation. Are we getting too close to the truth? How many other paedophiles are protected by Common Purpose networks and their secretive Chatham House confidentiality rules?

Spread the word. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.”


One thought on “cpexposed.com subject to takedown notice -COMMON PURPOSE LINKS WITH PAEDOPHILIA

  1. Already posted the EU legalises paedophilia link, there is another link too, a senior British intelligence advisor Michael Shrimpton QC has stated publically that there is some evidence that Maddie Mcann was linked to Paedophilia within the EU beurocracy.


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