MPs Get £7,000 Postage per Year — But Our Soldiers’ Postage is to be Taken Away

The decision to slash British military mail services in Europe and America has been slammed as “venal” and “vile”.

To save money, subsidised postage is being withdrawn from service personnel and families based from Naples to Brussels.

It also means their relatives in the UK will have to pay the full rate to send parcels and letters overseas.

The cutback has left one MEP furious that Westminster apparently keeps a first-class service for itself, while expecting those in uniform to pay more to keep in touch with loved ones at home.

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP member for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, has lambasted the slashing of British Forces’ Post Offices (BFPO).

“When the servicemen and women of our country are fighting and dying for this government’s dubious honour, it treats them with the contempt it has shown across the board,” he said.

“The BFPO has for decades provided a lifeline that is utterly vital in maintaining moral and now they want to cut it.

“MPs have granted themselves £7,000 a year postage – but they seem to be happy to put extra costs on service families. How typical, how venal, how vile.”

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