(2010) Conservative Leader David Cameron M.P. -HAS DONE DRUGS

David Cameron narrowly avoided being expelled from Eton College when he was involved in the school’s worst-ever drugs scandal, it has been revealed.

Police were called in and seven pupils were thrown out after boys were caught dealing in and smoking cannabis.

Reaction: Cameron refuses to confirm cannabis allegations

The future Tory leader – who until now has refused to say if he took drugs – was caught after another pupil informed on him. Cameron, who at the time was just 15, was hauled in by the headmaster, who forced him to admit he had smoked cannabis.

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The furious master punished him by putting him under the top public school’s equivalent of house arrest by being ‘gated’.

But this did not stop Cameron’s drug- taking, according to a book to be serialised exclusively in The Mail on Sunday next month. It says he carried on smoking cannabis when he went to Oxford.

The disclosures in the book – Cameron, The Rise Of The New Conservative – are bound to reopen the debate about drugs policies in Britain.

If he wins the next General Election, Mr Cameron will be the first Prime Minister to have admitted taking drugs.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-435393/Exclusive-Cameron-DID-smoke-cannabis.html#ixzz0fjfUkzKv


One thought on “(2010) Conservative Leader David Cameron M.P. -HAS DONE DRUGS

  1. Good for Him and so what?
    We live in a democratic society and most peope views out there is that it should be legal anyway.
    SO come on David Cameron This Has to be the end to the prohibition .
    Every thing in life is a risk Come on David Cameron Take this one for your country well being .


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