(2010) New Labour Vote Rigging Again? Time to call in the British Army to Referee?

Vote rigging, electoral fraud, gerrymandering… call it what you will. Its perverse crime is the same what ever its moniker. It is a direct attack not only on the People but on everything we hold dear. It is a complete betrayal of trust and a devious, callous act that equates to tyranny. Welcome to fascist Britain, People.

This not an isolated incident. See here for much more evidence.

It has now come the time to ask: are we playing a game where the opposition is cheating? Evidently, and frighteningly so, the proof suggests we are. What now, then? Do we stop playing the game called “democracy” and let the opposition not only win but also rub our noses in their victory? Do we continue playing, foolishly expecting the opposition to suddenly be fair and play by the rules?

This is a tough decision because this game called “democracy” is not simply a game to pass the time: this game is a game of life –OUR LIFE.

With that in mind we the People need to call upon a referee. We need a body to oversee elections and ensure the rules are adhered to and fair play is thus maintained. We the People need the British Army to monitor elections. Please vote on this proposition and pass it all to all your contacts:

In light of the weighty evidence confirming vote-rigging by the old-gang parties, should the British Army be called upon to monitor elections? http://polldaddy.com/community/poll/1837752/?view=results

Commission says unusually high number of last minute postal vote applications were made during byelection last year.

The Labour party has been warned by the Electoral Commission over its handling of postal vote applications after it investigated alleged irregularities in last year’s Glasgow North East byelection.

The commission said an unusually high number of last minute postal vote applications were made in Glasgow North East, with 1,800 forms submitted less than three days before the registration deadline – more than a quarter of the total number received.

A spot check of 300 of those forms by the returning officer’s staff found that in at least 100 cases these applications had been dated more than a week and in some cases over a month earlier.

Nearly half of the last-minute registrations came from Labour supporters, sparking allegations from the Scottish National party – first reported by The Guardian – that Labour had been deliberately hoarding postal votes to help its campaign.

In the event, Labour won by a landslide 8,111 votes, securing a 60% share of the vote and demolishing SNP hopes of a second victory in Labour’s Glasgow heartland.

The commission said Labour “did not comply” with a code of conduct that requires political parties to hand in every postal vote application within two days of receiving them, and had been asked to honour those rules in future.

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