All About Margaret Hodge

“This site is dedicated to informing the public about Margaret Hodge MP and her many failings.”


2 thoughts on “All About Margaret Hodge

  1. wot a sorry state we’re in.Am still a fool! Re Patricia Hodge.Thought she might have last turned the corner havin given up climbin the greasy pole: re tax avoiders.It appears not so.Just read the review of her career:very New labour indeed! Would luv to say more,but havin to lie down,in case I feel like goin down to London to sort these b****** out.(It’s a joke MI5!)I am in luv with ur website,and would comment more.Too afraid.Yup,we’re livin in the police state: mustn’t say anything(not least the Truth)cos of the fear of prosecution!
    Yet,how good we are at invadin and killin other innocent people in countries that must have our culture(read,greed and graft)
    Good job we can get rid of some of the innocent souls who are unemployed from the north by getting them to join the army: they come back in body bags or top themselves! High fives all round. No! It’s not my thoughts,and neither do I endorse them.This is what I heard from a guy in a caf the other day.
    Mums the word. xxxs to those who monitor this site.Hurrah for Eton!!


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