(2009) New Labour MP Denis MacShane -PARASITE

Labour MP Denis MacShane has claimed nearly £20,000 a year in expenses for an office based in the garage of his South Yorkshire home.

The former Europe Minister has claimed £125,000 over the past seven years to cover the costs of running his official constituency base from the shabby-looking garage of his semi-detached home in Rotherham.

His most recent claim was for £18,400.

Last night, one fellow Labour MP privately said he was ‘very surprised’ at the scale of Mr MacShane’s claims given that he does not have to pay to rent an office.

‘I pay £6,000 a year in rent so if he doesn’t have to pay that, it sounds like a lot of money,’ said the MP.

MPs normally spend most of their ‘Incidental Expenses Provision’ on their constituency base, as Commons’ offices are provided free of charge – including telephone and heating bills – while staff salaries are paid separately.

There was little sign yesterday of the office costs spent at Mr MacShane’s home.

The windows of the garage were covered with black plastic, ensuring that no one could peer inside, while a black wheelie-bin guarded the wooden doors. Paint was peeling from the garage doors.



Labour MP Denis MacShane claims expenses for eight laptops… in just three years

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1196038/Labour-MP-Denis-MacShane-claims-expenses-laptops–just-years.html#ixzz0mnG2ud3M


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