Abject Priorities: most of Army’s armoured vehicles in Afghanistan ‘not fit for purpose’

Abject priories, indeed:

While our troops are away fighting capitalists’ wars the government, in the pay of said capitalists, spends 9.1 BILLION of Foreign Aid to pay countries such as China (one of the best economies in the world), India (that has a space programme), and to Zimbabwe and South Africa (who both have corrupt neo-communist “governments” that actively turn a blind eye to the slaughter of innocent White farmers).

So, how does the British Army feel about its soldiers being maiamed and killed by inadequate equipment and substandard vehicles while the State it represents has a government that squanders 9.1 BILLION to propping up corrupt African  regimes and sponsoring sub-continental space programmes?

Food for thought, wouldn’t you say, British Army?

More than half of the Army’s armoured vehicles in Afghanistan are not “fit for purpose”, new figures have shown.

Many are out of action being repaired or refurbished after spending time in the punishing desert conditions.

The stock of unuseable vehicles include 180 Mastiffs and Ridgbacks which were sent to the country to protect servicemen and women from the growing threat of sophisticated improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

There are just 358 of a total 653 Snatch Land Rovers in working condition. They were previously used on patrols around Helmand Province but were confined to use on military bases after a public outcry over IED deaths of those travelling in them.

The Army now has 271 six-wheel, mine-resistant Mastiff troop-carriers but only 134 are rated “fit for purpose”. Just 73 of the 118 lighter Ridgbacks are currently in service, according to figures from the Ministry of Defence.

Liberal Democrat defence spokesman Willie Rennie said that they undermined the Government’s claim that troops in theatre now have all the armoured vehicles they need to keep them safe.

“We must make sure they have the kit they need to do their job as safely as possible. Promises are not enough – Gordon Brown has to deliver,” he said.

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