M.P.s Vs Army: General Sir David Richards warns of morale crisis among troops

With scenes like the one above (left) being explained by the image above (right) –in addition to the British Army’s substandard equipment, vehicles and armour– we can’t think why there is a “morale crisis”? Still, the (“government”) who pays the piper calls the tune –and this piper is seldom short of morale.

The poor quality of soldiers’ lives when they return home from conflict has hit morale and risks undermining the war in Afghanistan, the head of the Army has warned.

n a leaked draft memo to ministers, General Sir David Richards said that budget cuts to the military at home were having a “cumulative and corrosive effect” on soldiers and their families.

He said that the refocusing of military effort on Afghanistan was welcome, with soldiers now feeling “well supported and resourced” in theatre.

But the conditions they experienced when they returned home were below par and could eventually impact on the operation itself, he warned.

“As Chief of the General Staff, I register an early concern about the impact on morale, the potentially severe downstream impact on retention, and our ability to sustain the campaign in the long term,” he wrote.

His comments echo those made by his predecessor General Sir Richard Dannatt, who said that many families and marriages were falling victim to the “relentless” pace of operations and that goodwill was being stretched to the limit.

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