(2010) Conservative Party Cllr. Mark Daley -RESIGNS OVER SEXUAL EMAILS

Hat-tip: iamdisgustedatrbkc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B4W1BO2jAc http://barryphelps.posterous.com/

Two Tory councillors have resigned after it emerged inappropriate emails had been sent using the council’s email system.

Former Kensington and Chelsea mayor Councillor Barry Phelps fired off a series of emails to Councillor Mark Daley, displaying black and white images of young boys with sexually suggestive captions added by Mr Phelps.

Both handed in their resignations on Monday.

The emails were reported to the council by Justin Downes, leader of the Residents First campaign group, who had been alerted by a concerned resident.

“These were innocent images and Councillor Phelps has created sexual overtones to them,” Mr Downes said.

“I think it’s absolutely right for them to go when the council proclaims itself as a council which is absolutely intolerant of child abuse.

“They are innuendo-laden and shocking.”

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One thought on “(2010) Conservative Party Cllr. Mark Daley -RESIGNS OVER SEXUAL EMAILS

  1. Am trying to get in contact with the ResidentsFirst campaign group, if someone knows a contact email of anyone in it, please send it to me daveypadua@yahoo.co.uk


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