Profile: Sleazebuster Mr. Michael Barnbrook

Credit Where Credit’s Due

REGARDLESS of Mr. Barnbrook’s political affiliations we consider it right and proper that his sterling work against the criminal, corrupt degeneracy in Westminster -work that is in synch with that of this website- be acknowledged and supported by way of this profile. Such recognition of Mr. Barnrook’s work ought not suggest our support for his party, but it should indicate our applause and appreciation for his work thus undertaken.

[Mr. Barnbook’s introduction has been abridged to remove extraneous material particular to his party. We are concerned only with his work as whistle-blower.]

I am a retired Metropolitan Police Inspector, having retired after 30 years service with a certificate for exemplary service.

I was one of the complainants against the Conservative MP, Michael Trend, when he was forced to stand down in 1992 for misappropriating nearly £100,000 of taxpayers money by abusing the additional costs allowance.

I was also the complainant in the case of the Labour MP. Clive Betts, who was suspended from the House for seven days for abusing Parliamentary rules.

I was the complainant against Derek Conway, MP, who has had the Conservative whip removed from him after having been suspended for ten days for abusing Parliamentary allowances. He will stand down at the next General Election.

I was the complainant in the case of Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton, who will stand down at the next election after having been found guilty of abusing Parliamentary allowances.

I was also the complainant against Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House, in the airmiles fiasco.

I also reported James Purnell to HM customs and Revenue in February, 2008, for apparent abuse of the Capital Gains Tax allowance when he sold his London flat.

I was one of two complainants against Jacqui Smith for apparent abuse of her second home allowance.

I have also submitted a report to the Metropolitan Police asking them to investigate her activities.

I was the complainant against Harry Cohen, who is currently being investigated for apparent abuse of the ACA by stating his main residence is a caravan.

I have also asked the police to investigate his activities.

I have written to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner recently, asking him to investigate the activities of Elliot Morley who claimed £16,000 of taxpayers money after his mortgage had finished.

I have also written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards today, asking him to investigate Kenneth Clarke over the payment of Council Tax on his main home.

These are just some of the complaints I have made against MPs’ over the years.

It was as a direct result of the Derek Conway affair that Parliament had a recent review of MPs allowances and introduced a number of changes.

It was also as a direct result of the Conway affair that a meeting took place between the Metropolitan Police and Parliamentary Officials, which resulted in the Eighth Committee on Standards and Privileges report of 2007/8, which sets down a protocol for dealing with MPs’ suspected of criminal behaviour.

Very few people in the public domain are aware that the
British National Party is very much involved in rooting out these corrupt MPs’ because of a media blackout. That is why we have to spread the news via the internet and I thank you for your interest.


Mick Barnbrook,


The British National Party’s sleazebuster Mick Barnbrook, who laid the first criminal charges which opened up the parliamentary elections expenses scandal, has taken another scalp with the news that Labour MP Eric Illsley has been formally charged over his expenses abuses.

The charges against Mr Illsley were also first laid by Mr Barnbrook, who has been the terror of the parliamentary swindlers for more than two years.

Mr Barnbrook first laid the complaint over Mr Illsley in June 2009 in a formal submission to Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis, New Scotland Yard.

In his letter, Mr Barnbrook wrote that as many as fifty MPs are believed to have over claimed on council tax for their second homes.

“Mr Illsley, who is believed to be the worst offender, claimed more than £10,000 for council tax in four years although he was only charged £3,966 for his Band C property in Lambeth in South London for this period,” Mr Barnbrook wrote.

“According to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Illsley said ‘I admit I have made an over claim. I should have made my claim for council tax more reflective of the amount involved.’

“If the statement by Mr Illsley is correct, I consider that there is sufficient evidence for an investigation to be instigated into possible criminal offences by him, under Section 2 of the Fraud Act, 2006 and Section 17 of the Theft Act, 1986,” Mr Barnbrook wrote.

“As a taxpayer and senior citizen living on a low income, I also am really, really upset by the behaviour of individuals who should know better.

“Members have a duty to uphold the law and act on all occasions in accordance with the public trust placed in them.

“Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their families or their friends,” he wrote.

Sir Paul’s office replied to Mr Barnbrook on 30 June 2009, confirming that the details had been passed to Detective Chief Inspector Michael Murphy, Economic and Specialist Crime Directorate.

“I am really happy that I have been able to bring yet another of these crooks to face justice,” Mr Barnbrook told BNP news.

“Mr Illsley has been charged with three counts under section 17 for false accounting. The first charge is that he dishonestly claimed expenses for council tax, service and maintenance charges, repairs and insurance charges, and utilities and communications charges for his second home in Renfrew Road, London, between May 2005 and April 2006

“The second charge makes the same allegations for the period till April 2007, and the third charge relates to the period until April 2008.

“Astonishingly, this means that Mr Illsley claimed £20,000 to which he was not allowed. This money, which is more than what many people earn in a year, came directly from the taxpayer,” he said.

More information of Mr. Branbrook’s work in bringing to light the crime, corruption, and degeneracy prevalent in Westminster can be found here:’s-“famous-five”-as-“baroness”-uddin-ducks-charges-on-technicality


Mr. Barnbrook’s work that was ignored by the mainstream media:


5 thoughts on “Profile: Sleazebuster Mr. Michael Barnbrook

  1. If the so called Mainstream Parties, have allowed our Criminal Justices System to degenerate into a Cesspit of Corruption, Sleaze and Thuggery, where our Courts have become venues of Mock Trials and our Police Force become a Den of Conmen, our Social Service become a Gravy Train for the Professional Shirkers.

    It is high time that Straight Talking Men like Mike Barnbrook are given the chance to clean up these Crooked Authorities, and sweep them into the Gutters for ever.


  2. Sounds like a credit to Natrionalism.


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  4. Mike Barnbrook has my deepest admiration, a leader, a Patriot, a man of Honour, and a man of supreme integrity, my World is full of if only.s if only, he was a leader of THE political Party


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