(2010) New Labour’s Margaret Moran may be fifth MP to face court

A fifth Labour MP is likely to face criminal charges over the alleged abuse of taxpayer-funded parliamentary expenses, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Detectives have spent several months looking into claims made by Margaret Moran, the former MP for Luton South. She is expected to be charged within weeks, according to well-placed Whitehall sources. It is understood that officers suspect Miss Moran of submitting claims for work which was not conducted at the property designated as her second home for parliamentary purposes. Other invoices may have been inflated or the dates altered.

The Labour MP was exposed by The Daily Telegraph for making some of the most controversial claims after it emerged that she had repeatedly “flipped” her designated second home. She made expenses claims for at least three different properties, in London, Luton and Southampton, over a four-year period. Miss Moran claimed more than £20,000 for the treatment of dry rot at the Southampton home – almost 100 miles from either her constituency or Westminster. However, it has not previously been disclosed that she was under police investigation. The former MP, who was forced to step down at the last election, is now set to join four other Labour politicians facing court over their expenses claims. The Metropolitan Police are still understood to be investigating a further two or three MPs, including the former Labour member Harry Cohen.

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