Morley Borough Independents Exposed

The so-called Morley Borough Independents are a party whose leaders are rejects from the mainstream parties. They claim to be ‘independent’ and free from party-political bias, yet they are nothing of the sort.

This party has shown that it is willing to plump any depths in order to keep its privileged position in local politics. The Morley Borough Independents are willing to lie to voters, claim credit for other people’s work, and do their utmost to ruin the lives of dedicated community campaigners who they have fallen out with.

All other political parties are exposed to close scrutiny and examination by rival parties and the electorate, but the Morley Borough Independents have managed to keep themselves from being exposed for what they are – until now.

This site will expose the truth about the so-called ‘Morley Borough Independents’.

Most of the information on this site has appeared in the local press, and where this is the case we have indicated this at the top of the page. With articles written by one of our correspondents, any claims made in the articles have been investigated and their authenticity verified. Where possible we have reproduced all items of supportive evidence on this site.


One thought on “Morley Borough Independents Exposed

  1. The Morley Independents have done a great deal for the Morley Community. Its easy to point the finger at people for being human, but remember everytime you point a finger there are three fingers pointing back at you!. If I weigh up the small indiscretions made, against the good they have done..then let me at that ballot box again and again cos they get my vote.


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