(2011) New Labour Mayor -RACIAL SLUR

PADIHAM Mayor Bob Clark has avoided suspension from duty over a racial slur he made against a Burnley call centre worker.

Coun. Clark was hauled before the Standards Committee after he was caught on tape making the remark against a Calico Homes employee during a telephone conversation.

The popular community figure admitted he was “totally ashamed” of his behaviour, which the Burnley town hall hearing was told left complainant Mr Hafiz Rehman feeling shocked and confused.

Coun. Clark, who has an “exemplary” record for charity and community work in his hometown, was found to have breached the Code of Conduct for Members on two counts – failing to treat other with respect and bringing his office into disrepute.

However, he was not found to have caused the local authority to breach the Equality Act 2010.

The Standards Committee panel took the decision to censure Coun. Clark as well as sending the serving Mayor of Padiham on diversity training.

Read on: http://www.burnleyexpress.net/news/local-news/padiham_mayor_avoids_suspension_over_racial_slur_1_3810943


One thought on “(2011) New Labour Mayor -RACIAL SLUR

  1. I realised a long time ago about who can get away with what in life.

    Same as the biz I was in, do something wrong in the higher echelons and oh never mind send him/her on a first class comfortable course that looks a little like a 5 star holiday then promote them and move them out of the area.

    Solved and never mind regards the trail of destruction left behind, I pitied the poor sods that would have to go through all the same situations with that individual some place else when the plain truth was that he/she should have at the least been sacked and at the most be prosecuted.

    lets keep touching the forelock!


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