New Labour Cllr. Noel O’Brien (crime #2) -ARRESTED

A FORMER councillor who dialled 999 claiming he was attacked in a wheelclamping row says police refused to respond – then arrested HIM when he called one of them a homosexual.

Noel O’Brien, 58, a former Labour councillor, rang police after going to reclaim his clamped car.

He claims he was assaulted by staff at the compound in Ardwick who hit him on the head with an extendable baton. The claim is denied by bosses at the company, NCP Services.

After he left the pound, Mr O’Brien made a number of calls to police and admits he became frustrated when they did not respond immediately and that he called one police operator `a homosexual’.

Noel O’Brien, from Haslingden, Rossendale, said he made the comment in frustration. He said the person who answered the phone sounded like the late Charles Hawtrey, the actor who played camp characters in the Carry On films.

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