(2012) Ex-New Labour Cllr. Shelina Akhtar -3 COUNTS OF BENEFIT FRAUD


The disgraced Tower Hamlets councillor who admitted in court dishonestly claiming housing and council tax benefit continues to defy calls for her resignation.

Cllr Shelina Akhtar didn’t turn up for last night’s key council meeting—but sent apologies instead.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman had been the latest to call for her to step down, after demands from both the Labour Group leader and Tory Group leader for her to go.

She pleaded guilty on January 9 to three charges of failing to notify a change of circumstance and continued claiming benefits and will be sentenced on February 6.

Akhtar won her seat on the council in 2010, representing Spitalfields for Labour, but then defected to become an independent working alongside Mayor Rahman.

The mayor said earlier this month that council procedures had to be followed and the authority was waiting for the outcome of the court sentencing before deciding any further steps.

Read on: http://www.eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk/news/disgraced_tower_hamlets_councillor_shelina_akhtar_refuses_to_step_down_1_1188816


One thought on “(2012) Ex-New Labour Cllr. Shelina Akhtar -3 COUNTS OF BENEFIT FRAUD

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