(2012) Conservative Cllr. Paul Woodall -GUILTY OF ASSAULTING HIS WIFE

A TORY councillor has pleaded guilty to assault after he threw a pudding bowl at his wife’s head during a meal-time row.

Paul Woodall’s wife Joanne was left with a one-inch cut to her forehead and blood pouring down her face after she spilled the bowl of food down him , Dudley Magistrates Court heard.

The 45-year-old  got into an argument with his wife when she began quizzing him about worries to do with losing his job at their Kingswinford home, in the West Midlands, on January 22.

After calling his wife a ‘slut’ and a ‘slag’, the councillor made comments about a previous relationship – which caused Mrs Woodhall to become angry and throw a TV remote at him.

The court heard how the dispute simmered throughout the lunch but reached boiling point when Cllr Woodhall brought out dessert.

“His wife of two years picked up her bowl as if to throw it at him – but he stopped her and the food went down his front,” said Mrs Sikhi Rai, prosecuting.

“He then threw his dish at her and it connected with her forehead. She immediately felt blood and could feel a hole in her head.”

Read on: http://www.newstoday.co.uk/5118/2012/02/councillor-throws-pudding-bowl-at-wife/


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