(2012) Conservative Cllr. David Parsons -FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES

A Labour councillor has called for the leader of Leicestershire County Council to resign after an expenses matter was referred to the Standards Committee.

David Parsons has been accused of not promptly repaying money that he owed for trips to Europe.

A county council report found debts were built up in 2007 but Mr Parsons has denied any wrongdoing.

Labour County Councillor Jewel Miah said Mr Parsons should stand down while investigations take place.

“Do I think he should resign? Yes I do,” said Mr Miah.

“If you’re facing such serious allegations…against you, it is very hard to concentrate on delivering the savings and the budgets we’re going to be debating in the next few months.”

A cross-party committee of councillors at the county council met on Monday to discuss a report into the allegations against Mr Parsons.

Read on: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-16924147


2 thoughts on “(2012) Conservative Cllr. David Parsons -FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES

  1. Cllr David Parsons is Conservative not Labour !


    • Thank you for the correction; in light of your position in such an institution, and its overtly ideologically New Labour-supportive stance, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied that there is now one less Enemy exposed in that party.


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