(2012) Conservative Cllr. Terry Manning -ABUSE OF POSITION

TORBAY Council vice-chairman Terry Manning has been suspended for abusing his position as councillor.

A council standards hearing yesterday heard how he threatened to make trouble for a car recovery firm in a row over the release of his daughter-in-law’s car.

But today the Brixham Tory insisted he had only done ‘what any father would do’.

A hearing sub-committee of the standards board of the council unanimously agreed Cllr Manning, a Tory Brixham councillor, had twice breached the code of conduct of councillors.

It found Cllr Manning had tried to use his position to secure the release of a car belonging to his daughter-in-law after it had been impounded by police and also made threats to make trouble for the business.

Cllr Manning, who has represented St Marys for four years and as vice-chairman would normally become chairman later this year, was:


suspended from the council for two weeks and;

ordered to sign a letter of apology which will be written for him.

Suspension means he will not receive any allowances, cannot carry out any ward work or claim to be a member of the council. Censure is a reprimand which will go on his council record.

Read on:  http://www.thisisdevon.co.uk/TORY-COUNCILLOR-SUSPENDED-CAR-ROW/story-11704150-detail/story.html


5 thoughts on “(2012) Conservative Cllr. Terry Manning -ABUSE OF POSITION

  1. Somebody here has got their FACTS wrong .You have posted him as a LibDem,but the article states on more than one occasion he is a Tory. Correction and apology needed I think……..


  2. You wrongly described this man as a Liberal Democrat when the article clearly describes him several times as a Conservative Councillor. Suggest you do stricter checks.


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