(2012) New Labour Cllr Hassan Ahmed -SHADY EXTERNAL INFLUENCE

SENIOR Labour city councillor Hassan Ahmed took part in a decision to award a contract worth £500,000 of public money to a company where he was director and chairman, the District Auditor has concluded.

An investigation into Nottingham City Council’s Future Jobs Fund by the auditor, Sue Sunderland, has concluded Hassan Ahmed, the councillor responsible for the scheme, should have told officers about his links with the company, the First Enterprise Business Agency (FEBA).

He should also not have participated in discussions about its funding.

Mr Ahmed has denied he was involved in any decision to give money to FEBA, but the auditor Sue Sunderland believes he “was actively involved in that decision”.

She said his participation in discussions may have left him in breach of the council’s code of conduct.

Members of the council’s Standards Committee are now considering whether they should investigate.

Read on:  http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/Conflict-concerns-Nottingham-jobs-fund-contracts/story-15291664-detail/story.html


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