(2012) Conservative Cllr. Penny Jackman -ASSAULT

A town hall by-election ended in violence when a 72-year-old candidate was slapped by a Conservative councillor.

UKIP member Mike Beggs was attending the count at Lymington Town Hall when he was struck by Tory Penny Jackman, a member of the district council and the New Forest National Park Authority.

Mr Beggs, of Lymington, said the blow broke the four-tooth bridge in his upper left jaw and had caused him sleepless nights.

Cllr Jackman took exception to Mr Beggs’s election leaflets, which mentioned the controversial attempt by the town council to evict Lymington cricket Club from the town centre ground it has occupied for 175 years.

The leaflets cited one meeting at which Cllr Jackman clashed with the cricketers and told a fellow councillor: “Let’s shut the buggers down.”

Mr Beggs said he was subjected to a “tirade” of abuse by Cllr Jackman at the count and was suddenly slapped in the face.

He added: “I have had a full apology from Cllr Jackman in which she is most apologetic. She has assured me it will not happen again.”

In a statement Cllr Jackman said: “I have known Mike Beggs for about 14 years since our children attended Hordle Walhampton School together plus various parties, clubs and other out-of-school gatherings over the years. I considered him a friend.

Read on:  http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/district/newforest/9537733.Councillor_slaps_election_candidate/


One thought on “(2012) Conservative Cllr. Penny Jackman -ASSAULT

  1. Tory Councillor Penny Jackman allegedly hit a pensioner so hard that she broke the pensioner (Mike Beggs) dental bridge. That was some so called ‘slap’ then!

    So Labour party MP Eric Joyce who assaulted someone is kicked out of the labour party even though he is an MP.

    Yet New Forest Tory Party & New Forest District Council has not kicked out a councillor who in my view is just as bad, IE She assaulted a pensioner! So one person gets arrested & charged & fined & kicked out of the labour party (Eric Joyce), while Penny Jackman appears to have immunity from being kicked out of the NEW FOREST TORY PARTY & appears to have the support of the New Forest District Council! It is clear that the TORY Party have double standards!

    The New Forest District Council where Penny Jackman is a councillor refuses to investigate her with a view to removing her from public office as it as a so called private matter what she did!

    Eric Joyce MP was a ‘private matter’ but he was thrown out of the labour party & taken to court!

    I bet if a clerk in the New Forest District Council hit someone outside of work, that they would be SACKED?
    I for one don’t want Penny Jackman representing anyone if she is a danger to the public, as I think assaulting a pensioner is the PITS & therefore Penny Jackman should GO & GO NOW as she is a danger to the public (alleged assault).

    IF / When she goes, we should have an investigation as to why the TORY run New Forest District Council refuses to even investigate Councillor Jackman assaulting a pensioner!
    Whoever made the decision not to suspend Penny Jackman should also be sacked!

    Worryingly I hear that Councillor Penny Jackman is also in the New Forest National Park authority & that AFFECTS ME. I don’t want her representing taxpayers like me!

    Hypothetically I dare not say anything to her just in case I get a ‘slap’ & my teeth damaged!


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