(2012) New Labour Cllr. Peter Richards -PROTECTING CHILD ABUSERS?

Below is the second email sent to Councillor Richards by a long standing supporter of the Lewis family sent out of frustration.

He has deliberately refused to reply to the first email.
You can see Cllr Richards position within this discredited Council it has already been highlighted by our friend.
Councillor Richards is not a man to be trusted.  

At the last Council Election up until the close of voting he was a candidate for the Ratepayers of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

As soon as the polls closed he betrayed the electorate of Baglan Ward as did his fellow Ratepayer Candidate Mrs Juliet Hopkins and defected to the Labour Party.

Read on for hard, irrefutable evidence: http://cllrkevinedwards.blogspot.com/2012/02/councillor-peter-richards-of-labour.html


One thought on “(2012) New Labour Cllr. Peter Richards -PROTECTING CHILD ABUSERS?

  1. about that !Boxing is ten times harder than this, andChildren have been fintihgg in front of adults for a long time, this is no different to wrestling or judo, people will moan if kids are on the streets and say kids have no respect or discipline, this gives them that !


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