VIDEO: M.P.s: Our Drunk “Representatives”

They are there to solve the UK’s pressing problems, but it seems MPs need some help too. The recent arrest of a Labour MP after a late-night brawl in the House of Commons bar, is just the latest in a string of alcohol fuelled scandals. RT’s Laura Smith reports on how some Parliamentarians are said to be drinking their way through life at Westminster.


One thought on “VIDEO: M.P.s: Our Drunk “Representatives”

  1. If anyone would be interested in seeking the arrest of Tony Blair, David Cameron and Nick Clegg for their treason against Britain, the following might appeal.

    Tony Blair’s 1999 House of Lords Act was designed to seriously weaken the House of Lords so that David Cameron and Nick Clegg could come along and close the House altogether and replace it with an elected senate. Our tri-partite system of Parliament (Monarch, Lords and Commons) was set in legal stone hundreds of years ago precisely to protect the people from despotic government for all time. At law, no one of these three may dabble in the affairs of another thus the people’s safety from tyranny has been guaranteed in perpetuity. The Lords are the Monarch’s advisors who vet every new legislation before the Monarch considers applying the Royal Assent. It is not within the grasp of either House to meddle in the affairs of the other not is it within the power of the Commons to remove one third of the system of Parliament for their own purposes. Yet the Commons have done just that while also traitorously coercing Her Majesty into signing endless EU Treaties entirely counter to her sworn oath to her subjects and into agreeing to automatic Assent.

    So ask yourself these questions. From where did Blair get authority to meddle with the House of Lords in the first place and why on Earth in upholding their sworn oaths of lifetime allegiance and service to the people, would Cameron and Clegg ever need to remove the House of Lords ? None of these three have lawful authority to do these things anyway. The answer is simple and clear. It is to remove all power to the Commons. Why ? Because they want absolute control over Britain. Why ? Because they believe they own the country, can do just whatever they wish with impunity and most importantly of all, they are working to the higher agenda of destroying our country toward dictatorial world governance. All this is treason.

    Not one of these three men has a conscience. Thus they are psychopathic. They have knowingly acted with intent against their sworn lifetime oaths of allegiance and against the British people. They have committed High Treason against Her Majesty, against Britain and her people. The following two short videos explain what can be done about these three traitors and others, to get our country back. Please watch them. A contact email address is given in the second video.–oM4&


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