(2012) Conservative Party Co-treasurer Peter Cruddas -QUITS OVER CASH-FOR-ACCESS CLAIM

The Conservative Party’s co-treasurer has resigned after claims he had offered access to David Cameron for up to £250,000.

Peter Cruddas, who runs an online trading company, allegedly told potential donors that gifts of more than £200,000 would get them into the party’s “premier league.”

This would be enough to get donors invitations to dinners with the Prime Minister and George Osborne, the Chancellor, it was alleged. Mr Cruddas was apparently filmed making the offer to undercover reporters.

He was filmed apparently telling reporters posing as businessmen that making a large donation would be “awesome for your business” and that “things will open up for you”.

The party immediately launched an “urgent” amid signals from senior sources that Mr Cruddas’s future as co-treasurer was being immediately reviewed.

A Conservative spokesman insisted no donation resulting from any such offers had ever been accepted and said the party always abided by electoral law.

Read on: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/9165391/Tory-co-treasurer-Peter-Cruddas-quits-over-cash-for-access-claim.html


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