ARTICLE: Tories use taxpayers’ money for pro-Turkey propaganda.


Disclaimer: this website does not support the B.N.P. or any other political party. Credit where credit’s due: this M.E.P. has aided the People by blowing the whistle; and this is the exact position and raison d’etre of this website –hence our due link to this article. 

Tories use taxpayers’ money for pro-Turkey propaganda. Nick Griffin MEP blows the whistle on the latest double-dealing from Cameron’s treacherous tax-eaters.

The Conservative-dominated European Conservatives and Reformists Group within the European Parliament has this week used part of its taxpayer-provided budget to fund an exhibition on “religious and cultural diversity in Turkey.

The display, in the heart of the EU’s huge complex in Brussels, is put on in collaboration with the Yunus Emre Institute, a well-funded Turkish body whose job is to spread Turkish cultural influence back into countries which used to be ruled by the Turkish Sultanate but which won their independence in the various wars of liberation against that medieval tyranny.

The exhibition, which is entitled Sharing the Sunlight, portrays Muslims, Christians and Jews living as equal citizens and good friends and neighbours in a picture-postcard Turkey.

Much is made of the restoration of several churches and synagogues at the expense of the Turkish state. No mention is made, however, of the continued wanton destruction of churches and monasteries in Turkish-occupied Cyprus. Since that island still has a majority Greek Christian population, the need for cultural/religious/ethnic cleansing in order to advance Islam is still there.

In Turkey, by contrast, centuries of persecution have so reduced non-Muslim communities that they are irrelevant and a few of their buildings can be restored for the tourists and in order to fool EU liberals into not noticing the steady Islamisation of the secular Turkey created by Kemal Ataturk.

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