The “Government”‘s War on the British Army: the “British” State Forces War Hero to Live in Tent because He’s Not British Enough

Again, we must ask: how much longer is the British Army going to put up with this direct attack on it and its personnel by those with an ulterior motive who are so happy to send other people’s children [the British Army] to die for their political adventures but will not send their own?

We sane, objective, and sensible people must ask ourselves, and also the British Army, “when is duty and loyalty to the country” also “misguided paid mercenary work for an ‘elite’ who play them like pawns in the game of geo-politics and self-aggrandisement”?

It is clear that the British Army’s loyalty is not to the the criminal, corrupt, degenerate, warmongering ‘government’ -rather it is to the British nation who are –as evidenced by the charities they have set up on behalf of the British Army– the real friends and supporters of the British Army and who have consistently rejected the political adventures in Afghanistan and the to-date 409 British lives needless wasted for no gain whatsoever.

Any right-minded person would curse the Lib-Lab-Conmen and withhold their vote. 

A FORMER soldier is living in a tent in a friend’s garden — after being told he is not entitled to benefits.

John Heaps, 50, served in the Falklands, the first Gulf War, and Northern Ireland during his 16 years in the Army.

But when he returned to the UK in February after spending two years cycling around the world, he was told he had failed the Department for Work and Pensions’ Habitual Residence Test.

And without help, he has been forced to sleep in a friend’s garden in Leeds, West Yorks.

Divorced dad-of-two John said: “I have always been of the opinion that everybody is supposed to be treated as an individual but they do not listen to each individual story.

“I think it stinks, it’s beggars belief. I have travelled the world but this is my place of birth and my home.

“Essentially all that’s happened is I’ve been on holiday.

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3 thoughts on “The “Government”‘s War on the British Army: the “British” State Forces War Hero to Live in Tent because He’s Not British Enough

  1. This absolutely disgusting…But it is happening more and more to the people of this country.. why arent people outraged? I will tell you why, because of political correctness, thats why, meanwhile this man has to suffer we should all be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this government and its minions to get away with their treasonous acts against us all…. we should stop this now!


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