The “British” Government’s War on the British Army: Former Soldier Stabbed in the Back by Government

How much longer is the British Army going to tolerate this?
  • Father of two spent six months battling to get drug Avastin
  • Postcode lottery meant he could not get medicine that was available to patients living just a few miles away
  • Eventually lied about address to get treatment – but it was too late

A former soldier who bravely took on penny-pinching NHS bosses in his fight to get a drug that could save his life has died of terminal cancer aged 37.

Mark Bannister, from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, spent six months of his precious time trying to obtain the drug Avastin – but by the time he got it, it was too late.

Wife Karen, 33, revealed how her husband was forced to lie to doctors to get hold of the life-prolonging treatment that had been denied to him because of a cruel postcode lottery.

The father of two succumbed to the brain tumour he had been battling for nine years at around 6am on Monday morning, with his wife at his side.

Grieving Mrs Bannister paid tribute to her husband, who served in Northern Ireland and Bosnia during nine years in the army, saying: ‘The Avastin didn’t have any effect but we had to fight for six months in order to get it.


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